11 Methods to Have Passionate Sex

11 Methods to Have Passionate Sex

After months or years of dating or marriage, passion could wither, fizzle, dissipate, and lose its sparkle. But why let it wither if there are ways to recover what has been lost and ignite your sexual life? Here are 11 tips for rebuilding your relationship and having passionate sex with your partner.

1. Learn to love yourself

If you don't love yourself, it's unlikely that you'll be able to love someone else. Needy people don't love themselves; they base their sense of self-worth, security, and self-love on how their partner treats them.

If you demand sex from your partner to feel good about yourself, you will end up turning your partner off and ruining the chances of passionate sex and relationship. Love yourself, value yourself and build your confidence before getting into a relationship.

2. Touch each other more.

Try to incorporate more touching into your relationship. Touch your partner throughout the day, not just when you want to have sex. Touch while talking, sitting and watching a movie, or touch by holding hands or hugging while watching TV or a movie, or while walking.

By frequently touching your partner, you can learn which touches they enjoy and which ones they don't. This helps you become more comfortable with each other's bodies, which increases intimacy during sex.

3. Be spontaneous

This is a good way to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Sex can sometimes get boring when you're having it because you feel like you have to or need to.

Don't wait around for your partner to make a move—it leads to boring sex. Instead, be spontaneous and surprising.

4. Have sex everywhere and anywhere

Most couples keep sex in their bedrooms, which can be boring, so get creative and naughty here. Bring the sex into the living room, do a striptease, and have some wild sex on the couch.

You might want to consider the kitchen counter or a sturdy table in your home, your swimming pool, or the lawn if you have one. Your hot tub might end up being the new bed for you and your partner.

5. Connect with your partner on a deeper emotional level

Schedule time for connecting with your partner. It's important to regularly share and learn about each other's thoughts and feelings, as well as to enjoy each other's company.

As relationships mature with time, couples become more comfortable with each other and experience love in a compassionate way.

If you no longer make time to enjoy each other’s company, if you skip out on connecting with your partner, learning, having fun, sharing, and growing together, your sex life will suffer. Create date nights or days that work for both of you. If you want to maintain an intense and passionate sexual relationship, you must connect with your partner on a deeper emotional and vulnerable level.

6. Try out new sex positions

Step outside the boundaries of traditional sex roles, and be open to trying new positions. There are many different ways to have sex, so experiment for greater sexual satisfaction.

Try experimenting with different sexual positions or try using sex toys. This can spice up your sex life, as humans are naturally curious about new things.

7. Get comfortable with your partner

Remember the awkwardness that comes with someone's first time having sex? The shyness? rushing to dress and avoid eye contact? the tension and strain because it wasn't comfortable for you?

This is why most people say they did not enjoy their first sexual experience. They were likely uncomfortable and nervous, not because of the sex itself. Having a bad first time can also happen in long-term relationships. If you are not comfortable with your partner, then it would be like the first time all over again.

The best sex happens when both people are comfortable. So, get yourself and your partner comfortable, make the room comfy, and remove any sexual anxiety so you can enjoy the passionate sex you deserve.

8. Get kinky and loud

Sometimes, we bite our lips to keep from moaning and disturbing the neighbors.

You may be worried that your moans sound like those in porn videos or are too embarrassing or maybe you aren't comfortable enough with your partner to moan, but sex sounds can actually help your partner know how much you are enjoying whatever it is they are doing.

It can be fun to moan during sex, but if you have trouble doing so, try making other sounds—like breathing heavily or grunting—or come up with some kinky things to do to heighten the sexual intensity with your partner.

9. Give oral sex a try

You may be surprised to learn that some couples do not engage in oral sex because they consider it work, and they would rather spend their time doing something else. You do not have to perform oral sex every day—twice a week is sufficient to keep the passion alive.

10. Know how to ask for sex

Most people expect their partners to know when they want to have sex. But partners often misinterpret each other's signals, which can cause problems in a relationship.

Do you want to have sex? Are you feeling horny? Tell your partner.

This kind of sex is fueled by a passionate relationship, and a passionate relationship is covered by the aroma of love. Without love, the intense sex described above cannot exist; in this way, love is the seasoning that makes the sex so powerful.

That's all, I hope you found this blog super helpful. I hope you have a great evening/day!

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