Four Common Sex Toy Mistakes You May Be Making

Four Common Sex Toy Mistakes You May Be Making

Sex toys are a great way to bring a little more excitement into your sex life. They allow you to explore new things, experiment with different sensations, and try new positions. Using them can make everything from masturbation to partner play more fun. However, there are some precautions to take when using sex toys, as well as some general ground rules to follow so that you have an amazing time. Here's some mistakes to avoid.

1. You don’t wash them properly or thoroughly.

For the longevity of your toys and for your safety, it's important to maintain proper toy hygiene and storage. Using a dirty or deteriorated toy is essentially a form of self-harm that may put you at risk for health issues such as urinary tract infection if bacteria on the toy enters your urethra. It's not like you'll get a UTI if you don't wash your sex toys, but keeping things clean reduces the chances of something like this happening.

2. You're not using lube.

Lubricant can be as important to solo sex as it is to partnered sex. One of the most important reasons to use lube during masturbation is that we don't always have the time or patience to engage in the type of foreplay required to self-lubricate while masturbating; another reason is that lubrication can make penetration less uncomfortable by reducing friction. If you don't use lube but aren't naturally wet enough, you risk not only discomfort and irritation but also some vaginal tearing.

3. You share toys without being cautious.

Dr. Streicher advises against sharing sex toys with a partner during sex, especially if you’re using the toy for penetration. Using same sex toys without protection is essentially the same as having unprotected sex. You are sharing bodily fluids, which puts you at risk of getting an STI.

Not taking proper precautions with this can also increase your risk of bacterial vaginosis (BV), Dr. Streicher says. BV happens when the normal balance of bacteria in your vagina gets out of whack, and it can lead to symptoms like itchiness, bad odor, and a burning sensation while peeing (though many people with BV do not present with symptoms at all).

4. You refused to read the instructions

Hey, I know how it is. When you get a new toy, it can be tempting to try it out right away without reading the instructions. But there are usually a few reasons why you shouldn't skip them.

Battery-operated toys are often shipped with a partial charge, but it's good to get them fully charged before use. Plus, you'll know what all the buttons do so you don't accidentally switch settings at the worst possible moment. Same goes for non-battery operated toys; it's worth brushing up on how to put on a harness before giving it a go.

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