The Best Way To Introduce Sex Toys into a Relationship

The Best Way To Introduce Sex Toys into a Relationship

When you first start out on your journey of introducing sex toys into a relationship, you may feel awkward or uncomfortable. But don't worry—you aren't alone! There are lots of couples that feel the same way as you do. In fact, there are many reasons why couple might want to introduce sex toys into their relationships. Maybe one of you wants to try something new and exciting, or maybe you're just not satisfied with your sex life and want some spicing up! That's why today I'm going to share with you how to introduce sex toys into your relationship.

1. Buy a sex toy together to build excitement

If you’re just beginning to explore using sex toys together, it can be a good idea to talk about your interests and explore different options. That way, if you decide to purchase something, you can get it sooner rather than later and use it as foreplay.

“Communication is key,” says Torrisi. “If you and your partner can openly discuss what turns you both on, that’s a great way to learn more about each other and keep things interesting in the bedroom.”

2. Make sure your partner agrees with it.

To use toys with a partner, it’s best to make sure everyone involved is okay with using them. This may involve a conversation. If you or your partner are hesitant at first, that’s okay! There’s still a lot of stigma around using sex toys as a couple. 

Even if you and your partner are both in favor of using toys, it's important to agree on the safe sex practices you'll use when sharing toys, such as using a new condom on a dildo before using it on your partner.

3. Experiment with edging

Toys are especially useful for edging, which is the key to getting yourself or a partner close to climax but stopping before it happens. Pushing each other into the brink of orgasm and then backing off. It is not only flirtatious and seductive, but it is also going to help you and your partner tune into exactly what is required to make each other orgasm.

4. Go remote

Remote-controlled toys, specifically vibrators and plugs, can give a couple more control over sensations during sex. The remote can be placed in places away from awkward buttons that must be fiddled with in the middle of sex. It can also allow for increased control over pleasure by allowing both partners to choose intensity and patterns of vibrations.

5. Find ways to reverse roles.

Toys can help you explore your sexuality with your partner in new ways. And because toys are so versatile, you can try out different role reversals in the bedroom—like if one partner is usually more dominant than the other, or if one partner loves getting spanked and another doesn’t. Role-playing is all about playing around with different ideas and fantasies, so you get to decide what works for the two of you!

Buying a sex toy together can be an incredible experience, especially if you're with someone who trusts and loves you. It's an opportunity to connect, to explore new things together, even to learn something unexpected about one another. If you're able to communicate well with your partner and open up about what you like, then I think it can be a real bonding experience. That's it! I hope this blog helps you out. Have a great day/evening!

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