Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: What are Sex Toys?

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: What are Sex Toys?

There are a lot of sex toys. For me it’s a million dozen of sex toys in the world (just kidding, but there’s a lot!). The different types and kinds of it is amazing because it means there will be at least one device that will give you pleasure and you’ll feel like it’s made just for you.

On the flip side, having to choose from such a wide selection of products, promising you the orgasm and sexual satisfaction can be a little daunting. So, you might be asking yourself?! “Which one is the right device for me? Which one would satisfy me?”

First step you have to do is to figure out which sex toy works best for you to actually know what sex toys are.


What is a Sex Toy?

Sex toys are toys and devices meant to make the act of sex and masturbation more pleasurable. Oh! And let me tell you, some sex toys can even have medical functions, and help in treating some conditions.


Why Use Sex Toys? What are the Benefits of Using Sex Toys?

1. They are great for self-confidence.

Knowing your own body, you know how to give pleasure on yourself, that gives you a level of confidence you wouldn’t believe. You gain appreciation of your own body and its capabilities and it also makes you more confident when having sex with your partner, because you know what you like and you know how to get it. Experimenting with different kinds of sex toys and the different sensations they offer let you get to know your pleasure points even better.


2. Can help improve your sex life.

Who say’s sex toys are for solo plays? Not really! They can help improve you and your partner’s sex life! Even better!

There’s only so much a human body can do, and that’s when sex toys jump in and become handy. Sex toys can help prolong your intimate session together. They can get both of you hotter during foreplay, and can even allow more frequent blended orgasms. Women report to have more satisfying sex when sex toys are involved in the bedroom. So, you might consider sex toy purchases and investing in you and your partner’s sexual pleasure.


3. Helps you sleep better

Satisfying orgasms allows you to sleep better and deeper (I know you’ll agree), and good sleep is essential for staying in tiptop shape. Proper rest strengthens your immune system, sharpens your cognitive skills and most specially keeps you in a better mood. These all help lower the risk of depression and anxiety.


4. Help strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Having strong pelvic muscles can help you prevent urinary incontinence. What’s that?! Urinary incontinence is when you can no longer control your urination. This happens to 30% of women at some point in their lives. And sex toys can help you strengthen those muscles to stop that from happening. Strong pelvic muscles also allow you to have a better and stronger orgasms.


5. Can help increase intimacy between you and your partner

Are you or your partner losing that spark? Long-term relationships can become complacent and predictable. Introducing sex toys to the bedroom can help bring back the spark! The use of sex toys can help you and your partner become more vocal about your wants and desires in the bedroom. It encourages both of you to become more communicative and express yourselves.


6. Can help amp up your libido

Using toys when you masturbate or have sex with a partner can help women become wetter, more elastic, and increase blood flow. All these factors can help make sex feel better and improve the experience. This can help you and your partner more excited and crave it more.


7. Can help you get your work out in

Masturbation and sex are great ways to keep your heart rate up and burn some of your calories. Each minute of sex burns five calories and it increases your blood flow and your metabolism. Now, think of sex toys as gym equipment, that they aren’t really requirements for a good workout, but they certainly help. Sex also engages various muscles in different parts of the body, and just like exercise, keeping a regular sex schedule helps maximize all their physical benefits.


8. Can help lower risk of heart attacks

Sexual activity can help balance out estrogen and progesterone averting risks for osteoporosis and heart diseases. There are studies that show that men who have sex twice a week are much less likely to die of heart disease than men who rarely had sex. Using sex toys can help you get more excited and more enthusiastic about sex and masturbation, and using them can be very good for your heart.


9. Can help alleviate body pain

Orgasms can help on blocking pain if you didn’t know. So before reaching for medication to help with discomfort or body pain, maybe try grabbing your favorite sex toy and ease them first. Aside from the body blocking capabilities of sexual stimulation and orgasms, you can use the toy itself as massager - *especially those of vibrator variants, specifically the wand vibrator*


10. They are tailor-made for sexual satisfaction

A lot of science and research goes into sex toy development. They are designed and manufactured to help you achieve the sexual fulfillment you’re longing for. Sex toys are created to hit all your pleasure points and assist your body in achieving the most sexual pleasure possible.


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