Ultimate Beginner's Guide : How to Use Penile Toys

Ultimate Beginner's Guide : How to Use Penile Toys

How to Use Penile Toys?

Penis owners, rejoice! You get your own category of sex toys, too!
While most sex toys are usable no matter what your sexual parts are, it's nice to know that there are also toys available specifically for penile pressure. 


  1. Masturbator

    When your hand just isn’t cutting it, it’s time for a masturbator. 
    Masturbators are designed to visually simulate a vagina, anus, or mouth to offer you just a little more erotic stimulation than you’d usually get. Some masturbators are even motorized so that it feels like they’re sucking, tugging, or clenching around your penis.

    How to use it: 
    1. Apply water-based lubricant on the inner sleeve, preferably a warming lube.
    2. Gently insert your penis into the sleeve and move the toy back and forth. Keep on moving the toy until you reach orgasm.
    3. If the toy has vibrating, rotating, and thrusting features, turn them on and enjoy the pleasurable sensations.

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    Male Masturbator

  2. Fleshlight

    Fleshlights are masturbators that can disguise themselves as tumblers or flashlights when not in use. They’re compact, convenient, and perfect for travel. With the lid off, the opening can be designed like the vagina or luscious lips.

    The inner sleeve is usually textured with nubs or ridges that enhance your masturbation experience. The sleeves are also usually removable so that it’s easy to clean and keep sanitary between uses!

    How to use it: 
    1. Apply water-based lubricant on the soft sleeve.
    2. Gently insert your erect penis into the toy’s opening.
    3. Move the fleshlight in a back and forth motion. Keep on doing it until it reaches climax.

  3. Cock Ring

    Cock rings, also known as penis rings, are usually made of silicone so they can be stretched over the penis and testicles. They’re meant to help maintain erections and make them harder by limiting blood flow.

    If they’re designed with a vibrator, they can even stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex making them great for partnered sex sessions. If you’re looking to enjoy a little quickie with your boo, maybe skip the cock ring because these are made to make your sex session last longer, after all.

    How to use it: 
    1. Apply water-based lubricant on the cock ring and slide it into your semi-erect or flaccid penis.
    2. Slide it until the ring reaches the base.
    3. Proceed with masturbating or partnered sex. Don’t keep it for more than 30 minutes.

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  4. Stroker (Open-ended Masturbator)

    Strokers are pleasure toys that add a little more joy to your self-pleasure adventure. Unlike masturbators, these are usually open-ended allowing for a more comfortable fit, no matter what your penis size!

    These are also great to use even when you have a partner involved in your pleasure because oral sex combined with the sensations that strokers can offer can introduce you to a whole new world of sexual satisfaction.

    How to use it: 
    1. Generously apply water-based lube to your erect penis.
    2. Slide the stroker into your hard-on.
    3. Move the stroker in and out of your penis; keep doing this until you reach. Your partner can also use this while performing oral sex on you.

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  5. Penis Pump

    Penis pumps can help you enlarge your penis with the use of suction. Penis pumps can also help you get an erection if you have issues with getting it up. It works by encouraging blood flow to the penis, making it not only harder, but thicker, too!

    They’re pretty easy to use, all you need to do is insert your penis into the cylindrical device and create a vacuum by pumping air into the cylinder. Some penis pumps are automated so you don’t have to tire yourself out with all the pumping. When satisfied, slowly release the vacuum and remove the penis pump.

    How to use it: 
    If you want sex toys such as this one, follow all the proper instructions on its packaging. Don’t also keep the penis pump more than its suggested duration.
    1. Apply lube around the open end of the cylinder and 2 inches inside the tube. We also recommend applying lube on your glans penis.
    2. Insert your penis, preferably erect, inside the tube.
    3. Start pumping using the hand pump or electric motor. You’ll feel a pulling-like sensation as the vacuum pulls blood into the penis.

    Keep pumping until you reach the desired pressure. Don’t overdo it, as too much pressure can cause injury or permanent damage to your penis. Hold the fully engorged erection without moving your penis or pumping for 3-5 minutes. After that, remove the pressure. Slip your hard-on and start having that erotic fun!

  6. Penis Sleeve

    Penis sleeves are sex toys that you wear on your penis to increase its girth and size. It can also help people who experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Some penis sleeves completely envelop the penis, while others just cover the tip, and others are open-ended. It all depends on your preference and needs.

    While penis sleeves can reduce the sensations experienced by the wearer, it does not hinder performance. Some penis sleeves combat this numbing of sensation by adding textures on the inner portion or even making it vibrate. Penis sleeves should be important for both the wearer and their partner so communication is key. Put it on when you are half erect and allow it to reach full erection inside the sleeve.

    How to use it: 
    1. Apply a few drops of water-based or silicone-based lube on the sleeve.
    2. Insert your erect penis in the sleeve.
    3. Keep pushing your penis until the tip reaches the end of the sleeve. You can then proceed with the deed.

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