Six Common Oral Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making

Six Common Oral Sex Mistakes You Might Be Making

Oral sex mistakes happen to all of us, whether we're beginners or seasoned vets. Sex can be unpredictable, and because everybody is unique, you never know what will or will not work in the oral department with a new partner. You're probably aware that the most important oral rule is "no teeth," but there are a few other oral sex mistakes to be aware of.

While there is no one "correct" way to deliver an oral, there are definitely tips and tricks to make it infinitely more exciting. If oral sex was becoming dull or unexciting, it may be time to spice it up by incorporating a sex toy, or perhaps you should switch to 69'ing so you can both enjoy the pleasures of oral sex. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that there are numerous ways to ensure that your partner leaves praising his or her lucky stars that you are so skilled at oral communication.

Here are six oral sex mistakes to avoid if you want to impress, but remember that the ultimate secret to a good oral is open, honest communication about what feels good and what does not. There are no tricks there.

1. You're Not Making Eye Contact

No matter how much you love giving oral, you must admit that it requires a lot of concentration. I know it can be difficult to keep your eyes up at your partner while going down on them in the heat of the moment, but if you really wish to turn them on, don't treat it as a chore. By doing something as simple as locking eyes with your partner during an oral can add affection and remind them that you're having fun and genuinely interested in what you're doing.

2. You're In A Rush

We all know that orgasms don't happen instantly. However, I believe there is a misunderstanding about blow jobs: women assume that all men (in theory) love BJs, so they must come quickly from oral, right? Wrong. Some guys, like women, are more sensitive to oral than others, so don't be discouraged if you've been going down on someone for 5 minutes and they haven't popped. Obviously, if you're tired and need a break, that's fine, but don't be concerned if things take a little longer than expected. It's the same with ladies: women take longer than men to get aroused, so don't be concerned if she takes a while to reach orgasm.

3. You're Only Using Your Mouth

I know this is the most well-known "simple technique" for oral sex: use your hands and mouth. Not only does it allow your mouth to take a (literal) breather, but it also changes the sensations your partner is experiencing, resulting in a better orgasm. For men, the dampness of your mouth combined with the strong grip and friction of your hands is an orgasm-inducing combination. And for women, stimulating the G-spot with your fingers while concentrating your tongue on the clitoral area is essentially a one-way pass to O-Town.

4. You're Not Dealing With the Entire Package

Balls, too, need affection. They're sensitive, and we wouldn't want to hurt them despite their intimidating nature! — Paying attention to the balls is still important, especially during oral sex. I guarantee that whether you want to gently lick or suck his balls (or even both), it will make the BJ one of the best unforgettable he's ever had. Similarly, when going down on a woman, leave no area untouched: kiss and caress her thighs, boobs, and butt during oral to ensure that every inch is stimulated.

5. You Don't Use Toys 

Although you may not want to use a vibe every time you give an oral, it is permissible to do so on occasion. Going down on a woman is even more amazing when a toy is involved. Insert a small vibe while performing oral externally. Who says vibrators are only for women? Use a small bullet vibrator behind his balls during a blow job; the combined effect of oral and vibration would send him over the edge. Additionally, if he's pleased with anal play, you can go down on him while using a prostate massager.

6. You're Not Pleasuring Yourself at The Same Time

Okay, maybe you haven't got enough hands to please both your partner and yourself, but remember that vibrator I mentioned earlier? I guarantee that putting that inside you before you start to give your partner oral will make the situation a lot more exciting for the two of you. First off, you'll be very turned on, which will make your partner even more aroused. Listening to you moan while he or she is in your mouth is an easy way to up the sexual ante.

That's all, I hope you found this blog super helpful. I hope you have a great evening/day!

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